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Karolina Maszkiewicz sculptures gently move as you walk past, gracefully reminding you of its presence.


Karolina Maszkiewicz is a Polish American sculptor, illustrator and designer. Karolina’s diverse sculpture work incorporates both kinetic art and large floral installations. Her work pays homage to female artists of the 20th century such as Niki de Saint Phalle, Gertrude Goldschmidt and Eva Hess. Born and raised in Torun Poland, Karolina moved to LA to study design. As a LA fashion veteran she has worked for a number of fashion brands as well as curated her own retail store. Karolina transitioned into being a sculptor after joining the studio of Brad Howe, an American artist based in Malibu. While working alongside Brad, Maszkiewicz developed her own body of work which is featured below. 

The works below are subject to availability as her work is selling very quickly! 

Please note that pricing and availability are subject to change. 

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